Watercolour of Nick playing at Naughton's Hotel Parkville

A Night at Naughton’s: When Melbourne’s Music and Art Scene Collided

Sometimes, the best things happen unexpectedly – like last Sunday at Naughton’s Hotel in Parkville, where the eclectic guitar vibes of international music legend Nick Charles drew an impressive crowd of seasoned fans and casual hotel patrons alike.

Crowd watching Nick at Naughtons Hotel, Parkville
A cosy crowd enjoys some great music on a chilly Melbourne Sunday evening.

As soon as Nick took his seat behind the guitar, his compelling melodies echoed throughout the venue, creating a laid-back atmosphere that perfectly embodied Melbourne’s vibrant arts scene on a chilly winter’s evening.

But what made this gig really stand out was a surprise guest. Mingling among the crowd was none other than Melbourne’s own renowned artist, Brian Pieper. Now, if you’re unfamiliar with Brian’s work, it’s high time you visited his website at http://www.brianpieper.com/ – trust me, you won’t regret it.

With Brian in the crowd, the stage was set for something truly unique. As Nick poured his heart out through his music, Brian was simultaneously translating the evening’s energy onto canvas. It was music meets art in real-time – an impressive sight to witness, to say the least.

The end result? An expressive watercolour depiction of the gig, featuring Nick in full swing, surrounded by a captivated audience – a real synergy of art forms. Check out the painting below and see for yourself the lively energy Brian managed to capture.

Watercolour of Nick playing at Naughton's Hotel Parkville

Now, if you’re reading this and wishing you were there to witness this fantastic fusion of music and art, don’t worry. The good news is that Nick will be back at Naughton’s next month, guitar in hand, ready to draw in the crowd once more. Who knows what could happen? Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to feature in Brian’s next painting!

All in all, what happened that Sunday night was not just a gig. It was a celebration of Melbourne’s vibrant arts scene, a testament to the magic that happens when music and art come together.

Brian presents Nick with a water colour depiction of the gig.
Brian presents Nick with his water colour depiction of his Naughton’s gig

Don’t miss out next time. Be there to experience it for yourself!

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